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Websites development in New-York - IT solutions for your business, websites creation with high loads and online stores. Complex development and promotion of modern design, the creation of mobile applications, technical support and protection from DDOS attacks.

Works of web studio:

Potenz Steigern
Potenz Steigern
Development of landing Page for German clinic

Development of landing Page for German clinic on the restoration of potency "Potenz Steigern"

Pharma Center
Pharma Center
Development and promotion of online pharmacy

Development and promotion of online pharmacy «PHARMA CENTER»

Development and promotion site for Consulting Group

Development and promotion site for Consulting Group «MOST»

Amanda Smith  

IT expert

High quality sites with modern design considering

Usability and SEO - optimization:

-website design in New York, taking into account all your wishes 

-support of the website in New York

-website promotion in New York



Website developing

Business card website
from 14 days
Enterprise website
from 17 days
News website
from 16 days
Online store
from 20 days

ATOM - development of IT products.

  • Creation of websites
    What does any business in New York require first of all? Nowadays it is a website. Website design in New York and promotion – is the most effective tool for your business and it gives you boundless opportunities in it. In development of the website, there are items which are not visible for everyone. We can guarantee you a very quality work done, starting with text work, detailed study of illustrations and responsive markup of pages. All this work is done independently of the budget that you can afford; we have a strict control over all quality criteria. Such service as a website promotion might be interesting for you if you want to conquer the internet quickly and develop your own virtual business.
  • Website Promotion
    Most of the Internet users find a proper website through a search engine that gives the best results through the site promotion. Many of these people look only at the first or the second page of search results, because they believe that given results are the best resources. That is why it is so important a website to be found by means of the keywords. We offer services to promote your site in search engines and social networks. It is a complex of different activities that involve: -Increasing the position of your site in search results for certain keywords; -Engage your target audience to the information resources of your company; -Registration of your resource in different thematic catalogs on the Internet to increase the demand for information of your site. Our clients are customers from all over the World. Thanks to the cooperation with our company you will find a lot of new customers. We will do our best for the promotion of the website so your potential customers could find your website on the Internet easily and quickly.
  • Design development
    Logo design is an integral part of enterprise success. Website design in New York is important for the fact that the structure of the site, text, colours, images - all this in complex should highlight the speciality of the company. In order your website to be memorable, in addition to design, great attention should be paid to the logo or brand creation. It's no longer a secret that the logo has an immence influence and forms the certain association with a customer products / services, its price and quality. Our experts: -create the best website design and logo that reflect your brand personality; -make your products / services more recognizable for customers throughout the World. We work quickly and efficiently, taking into account our clients’ wishes, we also offer effective solutions that match the style of the brand. We provide website development from $1000 - premium class support and design. We are a full-service agency with over 10-year experience, own style and technologies.
  • Mobile Applications
    Mobile applications today are not just a useful programme, exciting game for iPad, Android, iPhone or other devices. Nowadays applications are a powerful instrument of marketing for your business. People are closely connected with their devices and they spend a lot of time with them. For the users - it is a source of advertisement and information and for business – men it is a channel of communication. With the help of mobile applications you can: -keep your clients updated and inform them about new services, advertising campaigns and enterprise news. -Improve the reputation, create a certain image of a company -Automate and streamline business processes -Get profit. Our specialists have extensive experience, they fulfill any orders in a short time. We offer an opportunity for further support of developed applications, create instructive materials based on them.
  • Internet Marketing
    Nowadays Internet marketing has an irreplaceable influence on business in every possible sphere. There is no big company in the World that has no official website in the network. Many users prefer to shop online and that's why it is so important to pay more attention to a company presentation, products and services it can provide. Our TOP qualified specialists provide any services of online marketing and website promotion. We can help you with: -Making your brand more recognizable, not only among customers in your city and country but also Worldwide -Increase your visibility on the Internet -Select and implement new ways to attract a huge stream of customers and clients -Increase the number of sales of goods and services -Increase the profitability of your company -Display your business and your work to a quite new level.
55 %
of our clients become regular ones
78 %
of projects become highly-profitable within 3 months
84 %
of our clients order promotion

 If you got to this text it means that the value of your IQ is above average or you are curious a little bit more than in full. But most probably both of that is a right answer.
Now it is a time of "short-form content", visualizations, infographics design and video presentations. An everyman became so lazy in this war for souls and wallets of consumers, that making him read a "plain text" appears to be a real challenge for a specialist. But you are not the same, don't you? Neither do we.
Two paragraphs left from the volume recommended by the latest researches in the marketing sphere. Two miserable paragraphs left to explain who we are and what our company does, to cram a long history into a thousand print characters. Well, let's try.
We started the development of our company when the Internet was so slow and expensive that it was faster and cheaper to buy a DVD movie on a market than to download it from the web. Our memory keeps a dial-up modem squeak. Yes, exactly, that one! And about fiber optic network design we could read only in the IT magazines.
At the beginning, webdesign was our hobby. We were designing websites for our friends and acquaintances. Step by step our professionalism increased and grew stronger. We started to receive our first commercial orders, in particular from New York and other cities of the USA. Thus, the hobby turned into a main occupation. We had been working as freelancers for a long period of time and then we established a full-fledged web-studio. We love our work and our rule is to put portable heart and soul into every site. And your website will not be an exception!

Web studio "ATOM" promises the best and modern webdesign for you and provides different designing, which you wish.